What statement are you making when you walk into a room? Your appearance speaks for you before you ever open your mouth! As your certified image consultant, I can help you craft exactly what you want to say.

If you've already completed the color session, you're ready to finish your statement! We have so much more to talk about, such as how to dress your body type so the focus is on your face, how to choose patterns and accessories (and why their size is important), as well as how to know your best hem-lengths and (gasp!) even undergarments (yep, we'll go there).

With all this information in your {stylish} tool-belt, you'll be armed with everything you need to make the statement the world needs to hear!

Please come prepared to share 5 of your favorite items (or ones you have questions on) from your closet. The video will be on so that you can show me these items, and I will be sharing my screen so you can see your custom presentation (which you'll receive a copy of).
This service includes:
  • Body shape analysis
  • Hemline recommendations
  • Undergarment recommendations
  • Pattern and accessory recommendations
  • Clothing personality analysis
  • Closet audit of 5 items
  • Exclusive VIP emails for regular style + beauty tips
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Style Statement Level 2: Image
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Style Statement Level 2: Image
$149.00 USD