You're ready for Step 3 of your styling journey! We have so much more to talk about, such as how to dress your body type so the focus is on your face, how to choose patterns and accessories (and why their size is important), as well as how to know your best hem-lengths and (gasp!) even undergarments (yep, we'll go there).

With all this information in your {stylish} tool-belt, you'll have confidence that you're making the statement the world needs to hear!




Plus, you get this season's Closet Outfit Planner included for FREE! It's a capsule wardrobe system based on your color code and body type, ensuring your wardrobe is working for you - every piece (including accessories!) is picked to keep you on trend and wearing your best colors. You'll never stand at your closet saying "I don't know what to wear" ever again!

Please come prepared to share 5 of your favorite items (or ones you have questions on) from your closet. The video will be on so that you can show me these items, and I will be sharing my screen so you can see your custom presentation (which you'll receive a copy of).


This service includes:

  • Body shape analysis
  • Hemline recommendations
  • Undergarment recommendations
  • Pattern and accessory recommendations
  • Clothing personality analysis
  • Closet audit of 5 items
  • This season's Closet Outfit Planner


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