You've completed Step 1! Now that you've created your Style Statement, let's make sure you know how to wear your best colors that will draw the eye to your face (your best and most important feature!). 


We'll discuss which colors, neutrals, prints and metallics are right for you - including your best shoe and handbag colors so you always look put together from head-to-toe. I'll mail you a color swatch deck with the best colors for your color code, and you'll get the digital swatches to store on your phone. You can take these with you when you go shopping and you'll never have to question if a color is right for you ever again! 

And since no style session would be complete without some girl-talk about skincare and makeup. we'll go there too. Because a beautiful glow starts with your skincare, and the right makeup colors are absolutely essential when it comes to highlighting your face to match the radiant light you are.

After you book this service, I'll email you a link to fill out my pre-appointment questionnaire so I can color-code you properly. You don't need to bring anything for our meeting. We'll be meeting on Google Meet (you'll get the link after you fill out the questionnaire), and the video will be on so that I can verify your correct colors. I'll also be sharing my screen so you can see your custom presentation (which you'll receive a copy of).

This service includes:

  • Color code analysis
  • Physical and digital color swatches
  • Downloadable PDF of your best:
    • Neutral and Pop Colors
    • Animal Print
    • Metallics
    • Shoe and Handbag Color
    • Jewelry Color
    • Lipstick, Blush, and Eyeshadow Colors
  • Skin type analysis
  • Customized skincare samples

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Color Experience
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