What statement are you making when you walk into a room? Your appearance speaks for you before you ever open your mouth! As your certified image consultant, I can help you craft exactly what you want to say.

This mini session is perfect for those who are looking for quick answers to what their best colors and styles are. Whether for a special occasion or everyday help, I'll teach you the principles of color and style so that you can confidently choose outfits that flatter you best. We'll also discuss the essentials of healthy, all-natural skincare - because we wear our skin every single day! You'll receive digital swatches of the colors that look best on you, a PDF guide with tips for styling your body type, and custom tips for your skin type with free samples!
After you book your appointment, I'll email you a link to fill out my pre-appointment questionnaire so I can color-code you properly. You don't need to bring anything for our meeting. We'll be meeting on Zoom (you'll get the link to book our appointment after you fill out the questionnaire), and the video will be on so that I can verify your correct colors.
  • Color code analysis with color tips
  • Digital color swatches
  • Body shape analysis with styling tips
  • Skin type analysis with care tips
  • Customized skincare samples
  • Exclusive VIP emails for regular style + beauty tips
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Mini Styling
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Mini Styling
$55.00 USD